Colonial Meadows Subdivision

Lots 6, 7, 8,9 Available $14,000 per acre

Originally 117 Acres Listed For Sale.  Only Four (4) tracts remain.
Lot 6 - A 11.49 Acre tract - $160,860 & Negotiable
Lot 7 - A 3.01 Acre Tract - $42,140.00  Firm
Lot 8 - A 3.02 Acre Tract - $42,280.00 - Firm
Lot 9 - A 3.03 Acre Tract - $42,420.00 - Firm

Notice: As each tract is SOLD, Seller increase price $1,000

These Lots For Sale will NOT appraise to be SOLD and financed by a bank.   Seller is firm in price and those lots sold in past have a steady increase in value.  These lots SOLD become benchmark for appraisal. 


Those qualifying may participate with Seller's Owner Carry Program.  Seller is fully aware lots will only appraise between $11,000 & $13,000 per acre.  Seller will owner carry with $10,000 to $15,000 down,  3 to 5 year note, with 8 to 10% interest, all negotiable.  This way a Buyer can purchase lots at existing price, pay Seller till the appraised value of the land is equal to the balance owed, obtain bank financing and then close on the sale.  Exact terms of note drafted by attorney with specific issues addressed.

Land Details

Lot 6 is far NE corner lot, mostly wooded with small creek running NE to SW.  Desirable home building site in NW corner of the lot.  Rural water is pipe lined with 6" line to SW corner of lot. Lot can not be split as part of platted subdivision. Sales Price offered is negotiable.
Lots 7- 8 - 9 are on south side of old highway 51, aka Porter Road.  The land is mostly pasture with scattered trees. West tract 7 is fenced on west and south side. Tract 8 & 9 are only fenced on south side.  Rural Water is on north side of road. Rural Water District will do a road crossing. 


From Coweta High School go 5 miles East on Hwy 51 to Porter Rd. Turn right (South) go 3/4 mile to Stop Sign.  Diagonal road to East is 153rd St, AKA Old Porter Road.  Go east 1/4 mile land on right, south side.

Additional Information

Feel free to walk the land. or call Richard Dollar 918-671-7777 for more information.